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20 Ridiculous Things Banned in Schools Around the World

School life can be pretty tough for kids with all the studying and growing up they have to do. It gets worse when teachers (a.k.a. adults) start imposing bans on things, especially if they are the things you love the most.

We at Bright Side found 20 ridiculous bans in schools around the world. As if puberty wasn't tough enough!

20. Best friends

A school in south-west London has banned kids from having best friends because the teachers believe that it can be very upsetting for a child when the friendship ends.

We all fell out with our friends many times, and yet we are here all grown up. Perhaps they simply do not want them to socialize on school premises.

19. Father's day cards

Scottish schools have banned cards for dads on Father's Day to sympathize with kids who live with only moms. All right, fair play. However, what about kids with no moms or with 2 moms or dads?

18. Facebook

Facebooking is evil. Just pure evil. According to an all-girls Jewish school in New York, girls shouldn't be using this social networking website — even at home. The teachers think that it makes girls less modest than they should be. There. It's all about being modest...and also about "not getting killed on the internet."

17. Hugging

A Northampton elementary school decided that hugging your best pal should not be allowed. The teachers believe that children must learn how to respect the concept of personal space. However, the kids and their parents do not seem to accept this ban.

"It is going to prevent children developing social skills during their most formative years," one of the parents said.

Why would you want to hug your friend? Being anti-social is so much better!

16. Yoga pants and leggings

A high school in Massachusetts updated its dress code by banning yoga pants and leggings on the grounds that they are not appropriate outfits for people who are learning to become adults and enter a workforce soon.

Plus, the opposite gender gets distracted. Obviously.

15. Backpacks

Some American schools believe that bringing your backpack or bag inside a classroom can be potentially dangerous because of all the weapons that can be carried inside. Thus, they only allow you to bring books and stationery supplies. Backpacks must stay in a locker.

Besides, you need to get your muscles trained!

14. LOL and other acronyms

Pupils of a South Yorkshire school are banned from saying "hiya," "cheers," and "lol." The teaching body believes that this is the only way to make the students use proper English when communicating with each other and their teachers.

Ofc, no1 writes or speaks, lols, like dat.

13. Rubber bands

Several schools across the US have banned Bandz bracelets and other rubber bands because, and we quote, "they are a distraction." According to teachers, kids play with them too much and get too involved in their games, which then distracts them from the educational process. But we all know that kids will find a way.

12. Tag

Some schools in the US have banned tag! The idea behind this ban is that kids get hurt both physically and emotionally when they play this iconic game. But, of course, spending time at recess playing active games must be a no-no!

11. Halloween and Christmas

The Oregon school district board banned all Christmas attire to ensure that the religious views of other members of their community are met and respected. And also because the Grinch did steal Christmas!

10. Snowball fights

An English school sent 2 of its pupils home and then suspended them...for a snowball fight. A ban on snowball fights was introduced to ensure the safety of all children. That's right. All those generations who played snowballs outside of school. How did they even survive? It's so last century to play snowballs outside when it's a wintry day with loads of snow.

9. Toilet paper

Some schools in the UK have banned using toilet paper tubes for craft projects in fear of spreading germs and bacteria. So you won't see any toilet paper rolls in the classrooms. Or this will happen. Paper mummy!

8. Shorts for boys

Amidst a heatwave last summer, a British school introduced a new dress code for its male students: no shorts inside the classrooms. So the boys decided to go with skirts. Nobody banned those. Around 30 boys turned up wearing skirts to school. Well, then. Skirts it is!

7. Birthday party invitations

A British school decided that handing out birthday party invitations in front of all the students must only be done if all the kids are invited. Otherwise, "it is uninclusive and unkind." Will this teach acts of kindness?

6. Spinners

Schools across both the US and the UK have banned this generation's favorite toy: fidget spinners. Their reasons were safety and distraction concerns. Once designed for ADHD and autism treatment, they turned into a worldwide craze.

5. Dodgeball

17 years ago, schools in the US began banning dodgeball, one of the most played games, for being "aggressive and unsafe." Again, because everyone wants you to be a lazy, inactive person. Now this game is banned almost throughout the whole US.

4. UGGs

An American school banned UGG boots from its premises for a simple reason: they were a way to hide a cell phone in the classroom. Now the students must change into a pair of sneakers before entering their homeroom.

3. Jojo Bows

UK schools have banned students from wearing hair bows that do not comply with the school's official uniform dress code because they are a "distraction." The school (a.k.a. the fashion police) is watching you. Yes, you, pretty bow.

2. Hoodies

A Connecticut school has banned hoodies in its classrooms because it's another way of hiding a smartphone. Kids chat on mobile messengers by hiding them in the front pocket of a hoodie. Smart kids.

1. Red ink

A British school has banned TEACHERS from using red pens when they grade students' work. Apparently, red-inked tests look more upsetting for the ever-unstable individuals that young students are. So never ever use red ink. EVER.

Now that you've seen 20 ridiculous things that are banned in schools around the world, let us know in the comments whether your school prohibited anything and what it was. We are very curious!

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