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20+ Roommates Who Are Always Turning Life Into a Catastrophe

Some people can turn into something different when you start living with them. If you’ve ever had a roommate who doesn’t turn off the light, doesn’t clean, and literally turns your life into a disaster, this article is for you. Just enjoy the collection and remember that a sense of humor helps in every situation.

We at Bright Side have also had different life experiences and know how it feels when your roommate makes your jaw drop.

1. It seems like she moved in yesterday, but really, it’s been 2 months.

2. The bright side is at least he doesn’t have bad breath.

3. That’s how my roommate uses toothpaste.

4. “My roommate still hasn’t gotten rid of his pumpkin from Halloween.”

5. “My roommate left his door open when he went out.”

6. “Roommate bought veggies back in early May and didn’t use them, I finally gave up on telling him to clean the fridge and did it myself.”

7. “My roommate of 3 years left this behind for me to deal with.”

8. “I asked my former roommates to not use metal utensils on MY nonstick pot, and was told I was being unreasonable and that they wouldn’t scratch it.”

9. A bigger recycle bin is needed in this house.

10. “My roommate shaves her whole body and leaves it caked onto the tub for me to clean!”

11. “This is how my roommate lives.”

12. “Round 2 of toilet paper carnage”

13. When your roommate doesn’t know what private food means:

14. “Done with your stuff for the day? Just leave it in the middle of the front entrance!”

15. This chicken has been “marinating” since Sunday.

16. “This has been the view from my doorway for the last THREE months. Single shoe included.”

17. “She asked me to stop doing her dishes. I thought that meant she was gonna start doing her dishes.”

18. “I’ve been telling her to move this clothes basket for nearly 2 months now.”

19. “This is the pan my roommate cooks with.”

20. That’s a biohazard.

21. “Here’s a burn hole I discovered hidden underneath my roommates bed after I kicked her out. Pineapple for scale.”

22. He put a plastic cutting board in the oven and I turned it on to preheat. Enjoy the meal.

Have you ever had a similar situation in your life? Please share this article with your friends and write your comments below!

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