20 Senior Men Who Could Be Real “Fashion Icons”

Some internet accounts post a lot of examples of older men with their own sense of style. Some of them are successful and some aren't. A short time ago, famous comedian and showman, Josh Ostrovsky hosted a show during New York Fashion Week where, instead of professional models, there were average fathers in their usual attire. According to the organizer of the event, dads are the people who really don't care about other people's opinions and this is why their style is perfect.

Bright Side has collected the most interesting photos that demonstrate how unique some father's images are. Maybe, you'll want to borrow some bold ideas, or on the contrary, be more careful about your future image. And at the end of the article, there's a video from the atypical fashion show we mentioned before.

1. Sometimes, all you need to be stylish is an apron.

2. Fur vests should stay trendy forever, because so many people look cool in them.

3. High-waisted shorts — are a wardrobe basic.

4. This is a really nice suit.

5. Men love wearing extravagant shoes, too.

6. This is what we call "a bright and easily remembered image."

7. Stylists say that your image at home is also very important.

8. Ready for a crazy weekend at Disneyland?

9. Louis Vuitton forever

10. No sweater — no problem

11. Handmade and a second life for this old t-shirt

12. Dress code: a tie with a shirt

13. Classic black is good for any situation.

14. "My dad vs fashion"

15. You should always look cool. Even while fishing.

16. Olympus has changed.

17. "I like it when colors match."

18. Underground has its own fashion.

19. Who said that "leopard" makes you look old?

20. The feeling when you are the strongest


Despite the fact that many dads choose really funny and sometimes weird clothes, they are so brave that they even make us jealous. Besides, they look really cute in most cases.

Which of the images in this article did you think was the most stylish?

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