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20+ Shameless Manufacturers Who Aren’t Afraid to Deceive Buyers

Obviously, in order to sell a product, a manufacturer should make it look intriguing. But sometimes they go way too far trying to decorate the products they want to sell. For example, we think that covering grapes with paint before selling them is a tad too much.

Bright Side is about to show you the most unscrupulous cases of deception recorded by buyers.

“I didn’t expect too much from Burger King but boy, was I disappointed this time.”

“The photo of the product in the advertisement vs what I got”

This chocolate frog didn’t appear too appetizing.

“I accidentally dropped my girlfriend’s foundation and found this.”

Here’s how fruits in the markets become ripe:

10.0% juice that reads as 100% at first glance

Marketers are becoming more sly.

Kids’ clothes with fake “adjustable” waistbands

These paper towels are rolled loosely so it looks like a bigger roll.

Surprising bacon rashers

They pack green beans in the bag with green stripes so that unripe, pale beans look more green from a distance.

This liquid air freshener had gel balls in it to increase volume.

“The size of the bottle and the actual amount — You’ll notice that it’s almost empty only with special light, but not when you buy it online for $37.”

“This highlighter sells for $2!”

“Thanking our local supermarket for its generosity”

“200 blocks for $5. I opened the box and it had a false bottom which makes up for 80% of the box!”

“Just spent 5 minutes trying to pull the cap off this lipstick before realizing the bullet was fake and it was actually liquid lipstick.”

The generosity of fast food restaurants can warm up any heart.

Notice the “from” in tiny writing.

This piece of cheese barely gives it the right to be called a “cheeseburger”.

“I wanted a useful amount of glue, not an adhesive-themed matryoshka doll!”

This was at the bottom of the dried fruit pot to take up more space.

“I normally enjoy irony, but not this time.”

“They either don’t know how to use Photoshop or what women actually look like.”

The reflection makes it look like you’re buying 3 pens.

This shop’s sale will shock you.

Have you ever seen manufacturers be as bold as the ones on this list? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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