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20 Signs Thieves Use With One Another to Rob a House

You might see a peculiar mark near your house’s front door and not even pay attention to it, but you should. Thieves usually tend to examine the properties they want to break into before actually doing it. That way, they can determine if it’s a place that’s worth robbing and if it would be safe to go through with their plans. After they peruse the house, they use some codes and marks to communicate, and facilitate their criminal activities.

Bright Side wants to show you 20 of the symbols criminals might draw on the front of your home, so you can prepare yourself and avoid a burglary.

1. Come back soon

2. Already robbed house

3. Woman alone

4. Police close by

5. Watch out for the dog

6. Uninhabited house

7. You can break into this house

8. On vacation

9. Only women live here

10. Very good

11. Charitable house

12. Don’t even try

13. Nothing interesting here

14. Easy during the afternoon

15. Empty at night

16. Empty during July and August

17. Use a lever

18. Opens with a chain

19. Wealthy owners

20. Children alone in the morning

Where do burglars usually draw the signs?

Criminals strategically put the symbols in places that would make it difficult for you to notice them. They’re generally no larger than 0.4 inches and are usually drawn with chalk, pen, marker, or sometimes, spray paint. The marks are typically placed near the front door or the doorbell, on the wall (especially when it already has graffiti), on the mailbox, on the fence, under the front carpet, or near the plants. The placement may vary according to the thief who’s planning on performing the crime.

What should I do in case I find one?

It's not recommended to warn or share your concerns with anyone in your building, this includes the doorman, since anyone could be involved as an accomplice in the plan. If you detect and recognize a new or odd mark somewhere outside your property, it's crucial to:

  • Take a picture of the symbol to examine what it means.
  • Notify the authorities so that they can take the necessary measures.
  • Clear the mark so that the thief realizes that you discovered it.
  • Consider changing the locks for ones with a higher level of security.
  • Install a security system with cameras, alarms, or other security devices.

Have you encountered any of these symbols? Have you ever experienced a burglary in your house? Describe your experience in the comments and share what you did after that to make your house safer.

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