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20 Sneaky People Who Are Celebrating Their Little Triumph


If you have to deal with life’s small battles, you just need to think outside of the box. When given the chance, you sometimes just need a little creativity and a little luck can help you rise to any occasion. Look no further and you will see all kinds of people putting their cunning to use and just winning at life.

We at Bright Side are shining a light on the people who use their wits to just win the everyday conquests in life. Don’t forget to see our bonus where we honor the clever fox in all of us.

1. All it takes for the triumph over evil... is a smug face like this.

2. Their card-loving grandmother was losing her eyesight... so the only solution was giant UNO cards.

3. These Iranian women weren’t allowed to attend a soccer match because they’re women — cue the beards.

4. “A mayor in Brazil prohibited bar owners from putting tables on the sidewalk. Here’s their solution.”

5. Never underestimate the unicycle.

6. “My girlfriend told me to wear a plain tie to dinner tonight.”

7. “My friend has a weird love for Cheetos. So he went to the Cheetos production factory.”

8. The school dress code prohibited shorts in summer, but said nothing about skirts.

9. To be fair, the sign is probably more useful than that furniture. It’s a good conversation starter.

10. Coats... they’re not just for pockets anymore.

11. “I got the whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for a moving crew.”

12. “One quarter, 2 gumballs. THIS WAS A TRIUMPH.”

13. It’s one thing to cheat... but doing it in front of the teacher without him noticing is impressive.

14. “This morning I had the luckiest vending machine experience I will ever have.”

15. “I got $4 in change from a vending machine. All of the quarters were from Denali National Park.”

16. You know this math teacher waited all year to make this joke.

17. It’s always nice to get the last laugh.

18. Imagine collecting rocks and ending up with a tiny starfish fossil...

19. Well, it’s not a knife!

20. To be fair, that’s actually pretty clever...

Bonus: Here is an award for the winner in all of us!

Do you know any crafty people who are just winning at life, even when it comes to the small stuff? Share with us in the comments!

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