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20 Soul-Stirring Photos That Will Make Every ’90s Kid Feel Nostalgic

It feels so good to find something that you used so many years ago. These associations and memories can melt your heart and make your entire day. Everyone’s childhood was different, but there are things that can connect all of us.

Bright Side compiled 20 photos that will make you feel so good and nostalgic.

1. The best childhood origami game from the ’90s

2. Practically every girl had this tattoo choker.

3. Creative teen hairstyles from the ’90s

4. The dream of childhood: trendy flag clothing

5. It’s so nice to remember how you made hairstyles using these butterfly hairpins.

6. The Star Wars soundtrack on a cassette — no doubt you’d listen to that again!

7. Yes, the process of curling your hair was long, but it was a pleasant ritual.

8. So many good movies

9. Favorite models from the ’90s

10. Jelly shoes were a must-have for all ’90s kids.

11. “Hit me, baby one more time!”

12. Ice cream cake, also known as the king of cakes.

13. New movie special effects

14. Ugly shoes first became fashionable in the ’90s.

15. And bigger meal toys were way better!

16. Oh yes, scrunchies!

17. Electronics from the ’90s — they’re still cool!

18. When there was no internet, we played minesweeper.

19. You probably collected Matchbox Dolls.

20. Who remembers these drinks?

Do these photos make you feel nostalgic? Write a comment below and share the article with your friends who remember the ’90s.

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