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20+ Stories From People Who Stay Positive in Spite of Everything

Life can be compared to a bully as it keeps throwing mockeries at us, big and small, checking each time if we pass the trial or not. Psychologists all over the world suggest avoiding treating a classic bully with whining, fear, or tears, as it can only reinforce the bad behavior. Instead, we can treat the abuser with the “SSS” approach, which stands for “serenity, smile, and self-irony” and it’s the best weapon against the whimsical twists of fate.

We at Bright Side have collected stories of people who might feel bad but good about something, smiling right in the face of any impending trouble.

1. Parenting is never a bed of roses, but this dude knows how to overcome the pitfalls using improvised resources.

2. If you’re into mischief, use mother nature’s help.

3. Language barriers are no longer a problem.

4. A catastrophe is always beaten by total serenity.

5. Being a patient of such a doctor, you’re doomed to a quick recovery.

6. The potatoes are mashed but the guy’s not. Bravo!

7. The famous actor, Jackie Chan “died” around 7 times. These were death hoaxes but he treated the bad news with a smile.

8. Wording can form one’s attitude!

9. A weak person would’ve just thrown his diploma into the Nile.

10. Losing your job without having fun? No way!

11. Even a breakup can be somewhat beneficial.

12. Fighting evil without a gun

13. Positive thinking disarms any trouble.

14. It’s so inspiring to wake up after surgery to a good joke.

15. When leaving home is a performance:

16. We all appreciate a bit of flattery sometimes.

17. “My grandfather has advanced Alzheimer’s. This is him learning it is his 70th birthday.”

18. It’s nothing but common sense.

19. Revealing the name of the best antidepressant ever

20. When you’ve been on the verge of life and death but still smile:

21. Let the contest begin!

Do you know people who remain positive despite all of life’s obstacles and catastrophes? Perhaps you’re one of these people! Please share the stories in the comments below.

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