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20+ Straight-to-the-Point Photos From Airports That Any Passenger Can Relate To


An airport is its own world, where people meet, part, reveal their feelings, and follow their dreams. They experience the thrill from an upcoming trip and become a part of a multinational crowd. But as with any other world, this one has its rules and traditions.

At Bright Side, we came across these photos from internet users that prove that airports have their own special atmosphere.

Airport food is known for being very expensive. Enjoy, your bill is $20.

Found at the Aalborg Airport drop off zone in Denmark

We understand that security inspection is important, but sometimes it becomes way too awkward.

Just imagine that this notification appears on the screen with a sound as loud and as big as the board itself.

“I had an extension cord in my backpack. Now I’m the hero of the airport.”

Finally, we have found a sandwich that we can afford in an airport.

An airport is the best place for selfies.

You can always meet interesting fellow travelers in an airport.

Sometimes they can be a bit extravagant.

If you’re waiting for too long, you can take a nap.

You don’t need to be in the plane to fly in your dreams.

“My friend saw Stephen King at the airport.”

Traveler level: 100. This guy is ready for all flight delays and long connections.

If your flight is delayed, don’t worry! Make the most from this time. With the help of long exposure, you can create a true masterpiece.

If you become a witness to such a memorable event, it’s hard to hold back your tears.

Not only passengers propose to their ladies, but pilots do too.

Some couples even get married in an airport. Jocelyn and Peter did it at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Finally, you’re inside the plane. Your neighbors are a woman and her smoked fish.

This is the view everyone’s looking for.

When people see each other there, it’s a moment of concentrated happiness. There are 2 places in the world where people cry with happiness: a maternity ward in a hospital and an airport.

This girl knows for sure what a warm welcome is.

The most popular trend for last season is sushi-looking baggage.

“I passed immigration and ran to the toilet. Meanwhile the crowd dissolved and the baggage carousel was stopped. This was the last bag left on it.”

This is a very intriguing moment, because you never know what the baggage carousel will bring you.

Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise and a new friend.

A very unusual piece of baggage that on the other hand represents the face of people who have experienced a turbulent flight.

Do you have any interesting photos from airports? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Protopups / pikabu