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20+ Strange Sights No One Was Prepared to See

Human genius is widespread throughout the internet, but sometimes we come across pictures that leave us with nothing but questions. Just check out the lego-like input or bedazzled Vaseline pack.

Bright Side works day and night to find peculiar sights from around the world for you, but even we were not prepared to see the list below. Can you make any sense out of it?

They don’t even look alike.

Chainsaw and bicycle hybrid

Friend’s phone handle

Gas can flexibility

I believe it’s the mask of... a loofa sponge?

Now it’s a prepaid banana.

Unique sighting: a truck driver being born!

Trucker by day, diva by night!

Couldn’t find the hand mixer. This seems safe.

This doesn’t look handmade at all, right?

Can’t decide: dumb or genius?

Could you, like, try harder next time?

Creepy, creepy little garden

Plants in your pants

Nothing says Christmas like a painted old saw.

How effective can this really be?

Down on wallpaper? Use maps!

Kitchen floor of a true music lover

What could possibly go wrong?

My grandfather’s janky hallway lighting rig — it actually works perfectly to illuminate some photos.

This guy in my dorm covered his Xbox controller in googly eyes.

A bedazzled jar of Vaseline

The game of “find the right cold water knob.”

Broken side mirror? No problem!

Can’t be sure, but this is probably not how earbuds work.

When you don’t want to spend any money on a ventilation system:

Like my shovel USB?

Have you come across something in your life that made you say “just why?” — please share with us in the comments, we love your stories as much as you love ours!

Preview photo credit Apekooi/reddit, unknown/imgur
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