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20 Striking Inventions That Can Make You Relax and Enjoy Life

Out-of-the-box inventions such as cells that can be charged using USB chargers or shower heads that change color based on the water temperature can often be life changing. Although sometimes they can be a little quirky, they make us wonder why did no one think of them earlier.

At Bright Side, we’ve made a compilation of the most creative inventions that can make your life much easier.

1. Showerheads that indicate the water’s temperature.

2. This elevator will let you know if it suddenly starts raining outside so you can be prepared.

3. So you can read those really tiny letters on packaging

4. This clever machine instantly dries your umbrella so it doesn’t drip all over.

5. Let your kitties walk on the keyboard without disturbing you with this awesome invention.

6. This beer opener just goes wherever you go.

7. This is how you can keep your lunch safe from your colleagues.

8. Too tired to walk to the fridge? Don’t worry, this fridge will come to you whenever you call it.

9. A faucet for medium temperature!

10. Pool float for a mom-to-be

11. Now you can bike with your little one everywhere.

12. This flash drive lets you know about its remaining storage capacity.

13. Bring nature inside your home with these grass flip-flops.

14. An alarm clock that brews real coffee

15. These batteries are rechargeable via USB!

16. This little hand remembers exactly where you left off reading.

17. Now no one can steal your jar of Nutella.

18. Does your nail polish take too long to dry? Here’s the solution.

19. This ring keeps your book open so you can read it more easily.

20. Plate with a wine glass holder. No need to find a table to place the glass anymore.

Tell us in the comment section which of these ideas should win the Bright Side award for being the most creative. If you know of other cool inventions, share them in the comments.

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