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20+ Striking Photos That Prove Some Things Are Better Felt When Compared

People tend to compare things without even thinking about it. All because since our childhood we’ve been trained to study our world and notice its contrasts. Making analogies helps us understand the nature of things better, and here are photos to prove it.

Bright Side couldn’t pass up these 20+ impressive comparisons made by internet users who decided to show some things from a different and more interesting angle.

1. A 25-year-old man who is 6’8″ tall and weighs 340 pounds with a regular-sized man next to him

2. “Big change today. 8 years of dreads chopped off. 12 years since my last haircut.”

3. “My aunt’s cat is HUGE.”

4. “Photos I take of my boyfriend vs Photos he takes of me”

5. “My friend took this photo from the fishing boat she works on.”

6. “They grow so fast!”

7. “I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow.”

8. Both are called airplanes.

9. How Times Square with ad block enabled would look:

10. A regular-sized mannequin and a plus-sized mannequin in London’s Nike store

11. “This UNIT sized Pringles can I came across in Italy”

12. “Prom 2010, wedding 2017”

13. “The 4 seasons of my home”

14. The bar code on this box of cereal is looong.

15. Gulabi baby goat vs Gulabi adult goat

16. “We harvested our first batch of zucchini today. My one-month-old for scale.”

17. During and after a shower

18. Giant Japanese Salamander’s chunky paws

19. “You call that a wrench? Nah, this is a wrench.”

20. Snowchunk

21. “Take a look at our mutant carrot overlord.”

22. What a girl posted vs What her boyfriend posted

23. “Before (1916) and current (2019) photo of our street”

24. “My friend’s dad is really proud of the banana tree he’s been growing. He’s 5’7 for scale.”

Do you have more photos to add to this article? We would be glad to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit polarbeer69 / Reddit
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