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20+ Striking Photos That Prove This World Is Full of Contrasts

The beauty of our world is in differences created by time and nature. That’s why it’s useful to look at things around us with eyes wide open and take photos of the progress on time. It will help you learn how nature changes the borders of islands, how fast your lovely puppy grows, and why pyramids astonish modern travelers with their majesty.

Bright Side looked carefully at some photos that will tell you something new about ordinary things and they’re sure to astonish you.

New and old basketballs at an arcade

Jeans of a girl who gradually lost 65 lb

“A tale of 2 teddies: my sister and I both got them at the same time 18 years ago.”

“My Nana’s spoon after 50+ years of cooking (right) compared to mine and my mom’s”

“The day we brought this puppy home and the same puppy exactly one year from then”

“My mom found a lemon from our tree that’s shaped like a carrot.”

A tree block from 1927 and 2015. It can be seen by their rings that today’s manufacturers use mostly young trees.

“My banister after years of my family and I slingshotting ourselves around the corner”

Old work boots that were being worn by a woodworker for 4 years next to new workboots

Zlatni Rat Beach in Croatia before and after the latest storm

The actor Hafþór Björnsson (“The Mountain” form of Game of Thrones) and Arnold Schwarzenegger

T. rex and emu feet

A normal egg and a “wrinkled” egg that didn’t calcify enough

These knives at my work have been used so much they’re almost gone.

A road separating a lake in South Australia

A human’s skeleton next to the skeletons of other primates

A room flower before watering and about an hour after watering

Used pants after 6 months of outdoor electrical work next to a new pair of the same brand

A half albino peacock

Wife’s and husband’s pants — his height is 6’3″ and hers is 5’2″

A paper closet before and after the arrival of a new teacher

One museum building separated by the styles of different epochs

2 newborn kids of 8 lb and 23 lb

Which of these changes do you find most impressive? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit AbbyNmiguelitoo / imgur
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