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20 Tender Photos Showing the Deep Bond Between Kids and Their Pets

There aren’t many things in this world that are cuter than kids and their pets. The special bond they have is unlike any other and it instantly makes them best friends. These dogs especially feel the need to take care of newborn babies in their pack, so their connection is even stronger! We can also tell that our kids feel safe and protected around them because of it.

Bright Side is on a mission to make you smile today and we think we have just the right thing to do it! We hope that these 20 pictures make you as happy as they did us!

20. They love each other so much!

19. “Here, human, I’ll help you.”

18. “Hey kitten, do you wanna play?”

17. Who needs a warm blanket when you have a cat?

16. Scouting the area together for good spots to play

15. “Don’t be sad, doggy. I’ll cheer you up!”

14. “This is my baby now!”

13. A furry pillow

12. Big bro never leaves her side...

11. After a tiring day of playing together, babies need their sleep.

10. Cuddling on a road trip

9. This dog is the best babysitter. Literally.

8. The Creation of Adam, cute edition

7. A bucket of cuteness

6. This baby is testing a new couch.

5. “There, there, I’ll make it better.”

4. “Why is she so tiny?”

3. Best buddies nap together.

2. “Yes, I love you too, human.”

1. This cat loves to cuddle.

Do your kids have a special bond with their furry buddies? Please let us know and let’s explore this topic in the comments together. Share any pictures you might have so we can all experience the cuteness!

Preview photo credit schlinker / reddit, trujaz / reddit
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