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20 Tender Photos That Have the Power to Warm Even the Coldest Heart

Life is filled with small, tender moments that can charm even the coldest of hearts. The magic of photography can help make these moments last a little longer, if not forever, and allows us to share them with the world.

We at Bright Side always love putting a smile on your face, so we’re sharing these photos that will warm your heart and soul.

1. “This Egyptian fan was lifted by Mexican and Colombian fans so he could see his team play.”

2. Holding her baby in her arms, this new mother can’t help but laugh.

3. Their mom interrupted them watching Peppa Pig.

4. “First photo of us and 6 years later”

5. He was worried that he could never have children...

6. It’s always nice to get on update on these stories!

7. This is the face of true happiness.

8. “Clear the Shelters day was a success here in Tampa.”

9. She’s just one of the girls at heart... the girls with their diplomas!

10. This woman likes to go to McDonald’s for her daily coffee... so the workers threw her a party for her 90th birthday, complete with a tiara.

11. It’s always nice to have a buddy to teach origami to.

12. “These workmen are awesome. This man sat down for a few minutes to tell our boys all about the road work.”

13. When Norwegians grow apples, they raise enough crops to share.

14. That little boy is about to be smiling from ear to ear in just a few seconds...

15. These kids are making their last day of elementary school one to remember.

16. These 2 police officers helped prepare dinner for a family of children after their mother was taken to the hospital.

17. “This little guy just got adopted. Dat smile.”

18. Here’s a good reason to not overlook street performers...

19. “My son struggles so much with his Autism, everything is a mountain. Mowing our lawn gives him confidence and self-worth. His smile is this huge until he finishes.”

20. “I was playing my ukulele on my back patio and later I found this on my door.”

Do you know of any other photos that could melt the coldest of hearts? Let us know!

Preview photo credit Oops_iPoops / Reddit
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