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20+ Terrific Cakes Everyone Will Remember Better Than the Celebration Itself

Cakes are no longer an easy, tasty way to gain extra weight — they can be art. Or better yet, edible art! And we can only guess how hard it is to cut open these beautifully baked masterpieces. They look so realistic and great that it’s hard to believe they’re even cakes. Don’t believe us? Have a look!

We at Bright Side have a sweet tooth. And that’s why we found great pleasure in looking at bakery art that we now want to show you. Be careful, these may cause hunger pains...

1. A perfect way to congratulate and tease a teen

2. This hamburger with chocolate should be doubly delicious.

3. It’s possible to feed the whole city with this castle.

4. Stephen King would like this...

5. Would you like a piece of chick — cake?

6. Now Prison Mike is available as a cake.

7. A dream about Hogwarts came true.

8. A book is the best gift, but book cake is even better.

9. Baked naughtiness

10. Most girls will recognize this mess.

11. “The sweetest way to celebrate joining the force”

12. “The cake my girlfriend made for her daughter’s 21st tonight”

13. This bag is not for wearing, but rather, for eating!

14. Sweet edible memories

15. This cake is full of London spirit.

16. When you’re only 2 years old and you’re already a boss:

17. Princesses should stick together.

18. A tasty way to learn about traffic rules

19. Love is in the air.

20. Yummy looking mess

21. If you ever wanted to taste a giraffe...

22. A special cake for a dinosaur fan

23. Graduation becomes even more exciting with this cake!

24. Star Wars came to life!

Bonus: We may not always get what we expect...

“My sister ordered cupcakes for my engagement party yesterday. Instead of a ring, apparently, I said yes to a silver toilet seat.”

Which of these works of cake-art would you like to try? Have you ever gotten an amazing cake for your celebration? Feel free to share your thoughts and cake photos in the comments.

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