20 Things Hilariously Fixed by Natural-Born Engineers at No Cost

When something breaks or stops working, some of us call a professional to fix it; some prefer to throw broken things away and get new ones. And there's one more group of people who can fix things themselves, even if it seems they have no resources for it.

Bright Side collected some pictures of these creative people's masterpieces that will probably inspire you to try "engineering" as well.

1. Someone punched a hole in the door? No, you don't need a new one.

2. What can be more solid than an apple?

3. It may be the new fashion trend.

4. Never drop a book in the bath again. An 8-year-old girl's invention.

5. Broke the filter. Fixed the filter.

6. More ways to use your LEGO

7. Hey, Jim... Want to come over on Sunday and help me trim the hedges? Sure, Bob, I'll bring my lawnmower.

8. One perfect match

9. When you need something to dry quickly:

10. Shower fixed

11. Almost the same as before...

12. Being resourceful

13. That should help.

14. Passenger mirror broke off? No problem!

15. That was probably the last wineglass.

16. The laptop charger kept falling out. Problem solved.

17. This is the perfect way to fix your headlight.

18. When your wife asks you to fix the toilet:

19. Hot water guaranteed

20. Don't have the money to fix it? Improvise!

And what about you? Do you have a talent for fixing things? Or do you have a friend you can call an engineer? Tell us about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit hullobirdy/reddit, KrazyKatie/imgur
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