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20 Things Proving the World Isn’t What It Seems at First Sight

It seems that we live in a world that we know everything about. But from time to time, something absolutely amazing happens that stuns everyone. We have found these amazing things for you. Where else will you see a Lego Man wearing a torn sock or half of a rainbow?

We at Bright Side just couldn’t help but share these things with you!

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The way the light shines through the bookcase makes a cityscape shadow.

This is how different glass can be.

Honoring a regular customer

A grain silo exploded. Birds are coming.

This shadow perfectly lined up with the light pole.

A survivor

Just a Lego Man wearing a torn sock

“After 4.5 years of using this remote, today I dropped it and learned that it has more buttons!”

Just look at how many pencils there are!

“My turtle has a smiley face on its shell belly.”

When meat looks like a piece of marble:

Who did this and why?

What is this refrigerator supposed to do to justify the cost?

“The way the toenails look on my leg prosthesis”

“The size of this garlic clove from my parents’ garden”

An interview with a secret

“I left a hot mug upside down on my plastic table cover.”

This playground has a sunscreen dispenser.

The changes that happen to the skeleton if you have a round back

Have you seen some of these amazing things? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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