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20+ Things That Crush Common Sense Into Bits and Pieces

A picture of a steering wheel wrapped in thin slices of pepperoni went viral on the internet a few months ago and it caused a lot of debates. Some internet users suggested that this design innovation is meant to reduce road rage. Who knows, this bizarre steering wheel cover might really come in handy! Using watermelon as a soup bowl, selling bricks right in the center of a busy city street, or pouring ketchup onto one’s legs to make them look like hot dog sausages — there are many things people can do to stand out from the crowd!

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t make heads or tails of what’s happening in these shots. Will you manage to solve these logic riddles?

1. Emergency road rage reducer

2. He won’t give up!

3. How is this supposed to work?

4. Who’s walking whom in this pic?

5. DIY outdoor cinema

6. Broke your soup bowl? No problem!

7. Holiday hot legs

8. Is it ingenious or insane?

9. What could be better than a hot tub in the peaceful countryside?

10. Who would ever build a house like this?

11. The perfect sandwich

12. On-the-road rendezvous

13. DIY hands-free headset

14. This ATM has a usability level of zero:

15. Horse parking in the city

16. It looks so classy!

17. The way we dress between seasons

18. Fresh bricks, anyone?

19. There’s nothing you can’t fix with duct tape.

20. When you want to win the race that much:

21. What’s the point of this window, we wonder?

22. Cooking with the highest accuracy and precision!

Have you ever seen people doing things that made you ask yourself, “What’s going on here?” Did you manage to capture those weird moments? Share your impressions and photos with us in the comments section below!

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