20 Things That Have Mastered the Art of Ninja Camouflage

In certain circumstances, some things start looking similar to completely different objects. For example, an onion can look like a pineapple and a chili pepper can remind you of a penguin.

Bright Side gathered 20 things that have mastered the art of disguise and look like completely different objects in the photos below. At the end of the article, we added a mesmerizing GIF where ordinary pencils turn into movie credits with the touch of a hand.

If you squint, you will see a little pineapple.

This little stone covered with moss looks like a tropical island in the middle of the ocean:

It’s hard to tell a piece of abrasive paper from a juicy steak.

“When this sign wasn’t here, people used to put their purses and sit on the water thinking it was a well-polished table.”

Seafoam reminds us of tons of whipped cream.

This golden eel looks like a banana peel:

A little black snake disguised itself under the straps of these flip-flops that have the same color and texture.

This icicle should be in a horror movie:

This cross-section of a tree looks exactly like an avocado:

The light reflected on this building looks like a set of chromosomes.

This chili pepper thinks it’s a penguin:

No, it’s not a bird. It’s just a crack in the windshield of a car.

A piece of grapefruit decided to turn into a fly.

“A cellphone​ tower disguised as a tree.”

If you microwave a piece of soap it will look like a piece of freshly-baked bread.

It’s some sort of marshmallow thumb...

Mutant pineapples? Oh, no, just palm trees.

This plastic bag definitely looks like a fish:

Sweet candy pebbles? No, just pebbles.

The dog blended into the carpet.

Bonus: the text on these pencils looks like movie credits.

Do you know of any other perfectly disguised things? Share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit AggressivelyMeows / imgur
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