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20+ Things That Made Us Scream, “What Are You?”

The world is full of weird things that seem wrong, but at the same time ridiculously funny — whether it`s a fugitive plant with long legs, melting ducks, or parrots washing the window. Happy are those who see these things and have a camera at hand!

Here at Bright Side we love these hilarious curiosities, and what we love even more is to share the pics we’ve found with you! Get ready to giggle!

1. “My toothpaste came out looking like a nose.”

2. Doggosaurus Rex

3. Modern Cinderella carriage

4. “We grew an eggplant that looks like the poop emoji.”

5. “My plant grew a pair of legs.”

6. Unmasked Batman

7. When a boiled egg turns out slightly different than expected:

8. “The statue outside my house”

9. When a dog hears the word “walk”:

10. Apparently ducks melt at 90°F.

11. The coffee stain on the counter is telling you to just relax!

12. It’s not a phase mom! This is me now!

13. “My partner left an artichoke out while we were on vacation and it started to sprout a flower.”

14. Why are you like this?

15. When your parrots are sick of you not washing the windows:

16. This beautiful kid goat with spiral ears that look like long hair:

17. How do you like this, Elon Musk?

18. This discovery might be someone’s childhood trauma.

19. Apparently there’s been a glitch in the matrix.

20. It’s the Naomi Campbell of the teddy bear world.

21. A textured egg vs A regular egg

22. What a sweet porcupine!

The Batman revealed is our absolute favorite! Which picture of this compilation were you most amazed by? Do you have something to add to the list? We’d be happy to see your photos, stories, and comments!

Preview photo credit shefearsoblivion / reddit
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