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19 Things We Wanted to Know but Didn’t Think to Google


Science is not just about boring people spending their lives reading dusty books and writing long formulas. Science is something that can make a person wonder why a wombat’s feces are the shape of a cube.

We at Bright Side want to share several facts with you that demonstrate that learning new things about the world can be incredibly fascinating.

1. If you break sugar apart in the darkness, you can see a flash of light called triboluminescence.

2. This is what the inside of a tube of toothpaste looks like.

3. An avocado is considered to be a berry.

4. The famous “Hollywood” sign was originally an advertisement for a new neighborhood.

5. Polar bears actually have black skin!

6. An island in the Indian Ocean is inhabited by a tribe called Sentinelese, and they don’t know how to make fire.

7. A wombat feces are the shape of a cube.

8. The shape of the McFlurry spoon is like this for a reason: it’s used to mix the ingredients of the dessert and make it even tastier.

9. There are some sharks that are older than trees.

10. Eggplant contains nicotine but in order to feel the effect, you’d need to eat almost 20 pounds.

11. The “Mafia” game was made up in the USSR.

12. Horses and rodents don't vomit.

13. Ocean fish drink a lot of water and freshwater fish don't drink water at all.

14. Gold can be edible.

15. In 1983, the Vatican was the only country in the world where birth rate was zero.

16. "Okay" is the most popular word in the world.

17. The fountain whales make is carbon dioxide, not water.

18. When someone uses a whip, there is a sound because the tip moves faster than the sound.

19. In Switzerland, children start going to school at the age of 4.

Which of these facts amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit RHSin/twitter, hommy