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20 Things You Can Only Find at Thrift Stores

If you are bored with ordinary purchases, it’s time you visited a flea market. At flea markets, there are things you can’t see anywhere else. There, people manage to buy headbands with a giant piece of popcorn on top of them, tiny sewing machines, or even a Yoda-shaped backpack.

We at Bright Side really want to go shopping in a place like this. What if we find something totally unexpected?

1. “Yes, I brought them home several years ago and can’t let them go. Sadly there were only 4, but I’m always on the hunt to complete the set.”

2. “Found this sweet Yoda backpack at a thrift shop today. Now my husband can run through the forest pretending he’s Luke Skywalker.”

3. “Found these weird salt and pepper shakers. It’s a giraffe eating a tourist’s toupee.”

4. “I found a Gollum cutout at a flea market. I live with 2 other people. Let the games begin.”

5. “Easter island tissue box cover: $6. Kinda pricey but worth it.”

6. “I think I maxed out when I found this work of art at a garage sale as a child. Now proudly displaying it in my first apartment!”

7. These vintage teeth stools were found at a local thrift shop. They were likely originally made for a dentist’s office.

8. “I give you... the jean-joggers! Denim in the front (not stretchy, just regular denim!) and joggers in the back. They were my husband’s size but he wouldn’t let me buy them for him!”

9. Yes, this is a giant pin. Yes, you can actually use it.

10. “Found this T-Rex fossil showerhead at Goodwill.”

11. “I liked the hotdog leash, but I think it would only be fitting for a dachshund.”

12. A new trend — popcorn on your head

13. “My kids say he’s creepy, but I’ve displayed him every December since I found him 5-ish years ago. Father Christmas? Old Man Winter? I don’t know but he’s the weirdest ceramic tree I’ve ever come across.”

14. “I see your tiny furniture and raise you... a tiny chandelier!”

15. Here is your new Christmas toy — Santaur.

16. “This tiny sewing machine for $1.50”

17. “I collect pillow purses, but my prized possession is this one shaped like a fish.”

18. “So at first I thought this was a vomit shoe, but it’s actually filled with... Dish soap? Dish soap and some rocks.”

19. Couture or nightmares? Dress made of barbies and dolls...

20. “Picked up this beautiful lady today at the Goodwill, she is a real Nutcracker.”

Which of these things would you like to buy? Have you ever bought anything like this?