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20 Thrilling Pictures That Reveal a Lot About the World

In a mundane life, there’s nothing better than playing detective and cracking open some of the world’s weirdest and best kept secrets. There are some who wouldn’t believe there are hidden weights in bowling balls, or that a magician’s tricks could be easily revealed. Well, look no further, and prepare to be surprised by some of the secrets that our world holds.

So our Bright Side team thought it would be interesting to unmask some of the earth’s fascinating secrets, to see our life from a new perspective, and to see some of the tricks of the trade like we’ve never seen them before.

1. “If you’ve ever wondered how they install those huge power line towers...”

2. This is how this famous trick is done.

3. So, if you’ve ever wanted to relocate without changing houses, here’s a life hack for you.

4. “This isn’t a picture of concrete. This is an aerial photo of New Delhi, India.”

5. “New York at night looks like a motherboard.”

6. Does a photo of a shaved ape count as proof that we are related?

7. There’s a bridge in Australia to keep crabs safe from cars during their mass migration.

8. This is how cashews grow.

9. “One liter bottle before expansion.”

10. “The inside of an IKEA Kallax bookshelf”

11. This is how sidewalks are made.

12. Ever wondered what country borders look like in regular places? Here’s one from Belgium and the Netherlands.

13. “This is how a bridge is constructed across water.”

14. This is where the Great Wall of China ends.

15. Who knew that actors don’t drive themselves and that it’s all that guy on the roof?

16. We didn’t expect to see the pyramids so close to the city.

17. “This is where the Amazon River in Brazil meets the Black River. The different colors are due to the different soils.”

18. “This is Namibia, where desert meets water.”

19. “This is how Chinese soldiers keep their posture.”

20. This little black dot by the Sun on the left is Mercury.

Which secret from this crazy world had you totally shocked? Let us know down below and don’t hesitate to show us if there’s anything thrilling that you’ve found.

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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