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20 Times Absurdity Epically Beat Reality

Not everything in our daily lives goes smoothly. Sometimes things or people can stand out because they don't fit the norm. Oddities like shops working 25 hours a day, unusual sofas in fast food restaurants and stairs leading to nowhere are extremely illogical but so funny!

Bright Side has collected 20 examples of situations that prove logic sometimes needs to take a vacation too.

Would you like some fruit loops with milk?

The designers of this fast food cafe either miscalculated something or they understand introverts perfectly.

How did it get there?

Almost levitating...

"This gentleman at our training took a permanent marker and started to write with it on the 60-inch Samsung on the wall."

All doors are a potential way out. Even the ones that are hard to reach.

Anything can happen on the street.

A multi-tasking man is looking for a job.

A new way of extinguishing fires

The designers of this charger socket are subtly hinting that you're better off not using this mouse.

What goal was the designer of these stairs aiming for?

"The room we rented for our vacation wasn’t what we were expecting."

What is this? The fear that toilet paper will suddenly finish?

What an interesting position!

"We work over time."

"Thanks for the clarification! Now I know which ones taste like orange and which ones taste like a lemon."

"I played golf with a new stick..."

Real plants are boring. Let's buy a set of expensive TV sets that will be broadcasting the image of a tree 24/7.

A sweet cake with.... fried chicken?

That will do!

Which of these odd photos defied logic the most? Have you ever experienced situations like these? Please share your stories and photos in the comments!

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