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20 Times Creativity and Stupidity Had a Baby (New Pics)

Creativity is a great thing, and we’re the first to agree that cheap handmade decisions rule this world. Yet there are cases when people’s inventiveness goes too far, leaving us with something either completely ridiculous or somewhat threatening. Our goal is to make you smile, so get comfortable and enjoy the show!

Bright Side has collected 20 examples of creative thinking — some of which will make you say, “Are they immortal?!”

1. If you still don’t know why women live longer, here’s the answer:

2. Breaking the law has never been this ingenious.

3. Designed for your comfort...

4. “I wonder if they can breathe.”

5. Usual decisions aren’t meant for creative souls.

6. If you forget your hat, there’s always a way out.

7. Creative parking for the rich: repeat it and get a ticket.

8. All famous bands have to start somewhere!

9. “It’s safe, Mom!”

10. Well, at least he doesn’t put his fingers there.

11. How to speed up your gardening work if your favorite series starts in half an hour:

12. The cheapest cooling system ever

13. Well, that’s inventive...

14. Smart decisions are everywhere.

15. Who needs 4 wheels anyway?

16. Go home, sidewalk, you’re drunk.

17. Let’s see how long it will last.

18. A gardener’s adventures: volume 2.0

19. Poor engineers are the most creative souls in this world.

20. Once a driver, always a driver.

Which pic made you laugh? Which of them seemed the most stupid? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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