20 Times Marketing Made Us Say, “What?!”

Misleading advertisements have made honest marketers suffer time and time again. Most of the time, the disguises go unnoticed. In many countries, it is now mandatory to disclose all facts and figures related to the product on the packaging. However, the earth is still not devoid of people who are able to outsmart anything.

At Bright Side, we came across some incredibly misleading products. Some made us laugh and others made us question the product's credibility.

1. Triple? Yes, literally it is!

2. We urge you to read this again, please!

3. A brand new deodorant bottle--this is why they disappear so quick!

4. Lies! They make us think they're doing something good for the environment.

5. Can you believe this?

6. When Spidey feels like he's drowning:

7. Expectation vs reality

8. There's always a catch...

9. Where's the chocolate?

10. Now, if you could please read it again?

11. I have definitely been cheated.

12. Did they forget to stick in the other half, or was it never there at all?

13. This is indeed a smart trick.

14. What was ordered vs what was delivered

15. This plush villa includes a private balcony, literally so private!

16. When marketing and reality don't match:

17. White lies everywhere!

18. Still chuckling at this balloon

19. "I've never gotten such a great deal in all my life!"

20. "Oh wait, are we playing Monopoly? Nobody told me!"

Have you ever been fooled by a product? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit bossydog/Reddit
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