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20 Times Online Shopping Turned Into an Epic Fail

It’s really convenient to shop online: there are no lines to stand in or high prices... but there’s also no guarantee that you’ll get what you’ve actually paid for. Sometimes you get clothes that you’d never even want to put on.

Bright Side was so impressed with some of the purchases people shared on the internet, that we decided to share them with you. So now it’s your turn to get surprised.

“I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure they’ve sent me the wrong order...”

“Did I get AirPods with my new iPhone 8? Oh, wait...”

“I ordered some acoustic sound panels and here’s what I received.”

“This is the exact reason why I don’t shop online.”

When the plus-sized item you ordered online is way bigger than expected:

“Now I know what to do with old sneakers.”

Looks just like big pants.

“These shark earrings I bought for a friend for Christmas”

“You wouldn’t believe how noisy these pants are.”

The girl on this t-shirt decided to disappear.

“This avocado looks crazy.”

“My wife bought a cast iron skillet on Amazon.”

“Sometimes when I’m shopping online I find clothes that only people who hate clothes would ever buy.”

We used to sew ugly clothes like these for our dolls.

Expectation vs Reality

“Anyone know where can I order a really tiny knife and mini-fruit to go with my new sharpener?”

When manufacturers have their own understanding of sizes:

It’s not that effective, but it’s definitely plush.

“My buddy ordered this pillow for his daughter.”

“So my mom accidentally ordered a small dog bed, but our dog is still grateful.”

Do you have any items that you bought online that might make people laugh? Share them with us in the comments.

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