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20+ Times Online Shopping Went So Wrong, It Was Hilarious

8 in 10 Americans are now shopping online. While most of these people are happy with the result, some of them receive things that are not quite as they expected.

There are lots of advantages to buying stuff online. However, without reading the description carefully, you'll find online shopping is not as easy to do as you thought.

We at Bright Side prepared the most ridiculous expectation vs reality results of this online adventure.

1. The second one looks awesome too!

2. Meanwhile in Canada...

3. This is what happens when you buy a $20 punching bag from China:

4. Pool my friend got on sale online this summer. I can't wait to jump in.

5. That's awesome for a good party!

6. My friend ordered 50 Shades Of Grey on eBay. This is what she got.

7. Hope they were clean.

8. At least it makes my buns look great.

9. Size check, please!

10. The cat doesn't appreciate it either.

11. No eBay purchasing anymore.

12. A dream tent!

13. I expected this cup to change from a black one to a Chritsmas scene. Nope!

14. At least I got a new sweater!

15. Beauty products these days.

16. The moment when your cat looks more stylish than you:

17. Love my new Yeezys!

18. If you want to be really surprised, buy shoes online.

19. Is this machine trying to cheat me?

20. Should have known better...

21. Sellers also have a sense of humor.

22. Exactly what size is the model?

23. Bought rings online.

24. Chainsaw, literally.

25. So close and yet so far! This is really heartbreaking.

26. Might be nice for Halloween.

27. When you're asked to leave feedback for nothing:

What's your favorite way of shopping? Write in the comments which of the fails you laughed at the most!

Preview photo credit AcidCow, UnclaimedSocks / Imgur
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