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20+ Times People Got Hit Hard Below the Belt

Do you believe in bad days? According to writer Peter J. Bentley, PhD, statistics show that people who believe in bad luck will have more accidents on Friday the 13th. Those who have a negative attitude are more likely to encounter little mishaps with some mystical significance. Psychologists suggest that this is our way of subconsciously avoiding responsibility for our actions. And as our article shows, there are quite a lot of people like this.

At Bright Side, we believe that positive thinking is the key to success in life. We’ve compiled a special list of photos showing the consequences of negative thought.

1. “Could you please give me the number of your window fitter?”

2. “While heating up the barbecue grill, my dad somehow managed to melt the side of our house.”

3. It looks like the neighbors planned a long weekend away.

4. Did you open the apple to check if there was anything in it?

5. “I guess I have to use my car more often.”

6. Do not leave your epoxy boards in direct sunlight.

7. "I hope there's a spare tire in the back."

8. "This is my constant fear."

9. So termites can "devour" the George R. R. Martin series too.

10. "I thought waffles would be a good breakfast today."

11. It looks like your plans have been unfoiled!

12. This is what a 20% chance of rain looks like.

13. "So, I heard a boom."

14. When you take off your hat for a second and forget your sunglasses are on them:

15. This is why you should never shake the paprika bottle to break up larger chunks.

16. Turn off the stove. Turn off the lights. Close all the blinds. Lay on the bathroom floor. Cry. Try again tomorrow.

17. Someone will hit the jackpot eventually.

18. "I left a parabolic mirror in the car."

19. Thank goodness you don't have carpet in the room!

20. "Someone’s having a worse day than me."

21. "My full-size bathroom mirror panel decided to quit hanging on the wall today."

22. This is cranberry extract.

23. If you want to know everything about heat, go to Australia.

Do bad days happen to you? Do you believe in positive/negative thinking? Share your stories with us!

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