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20+ Times People Just Wanted to Change Their Style but Something Went Wrong

Sometimes we want to upgrade our looks, like by dying or cutting our hair, for example. Or if we don’t want the changes to be too dramatic, we just trim our bangs, style our hair, or pluck our eyebrows. A small transformation should cheer us up and give us strength. But sometimes things happen that cause us to not want to look at ourselves in the mirror without having tears in our eyes.

We at Bright Side admire the ability some people have to laugh at themselves and be brave enough to share photos of their failed appearance experiments on the Internet.

1. “I’m reluctant to call what my wife did to me a haircut.”

2. Is it really that difficult just to trim the ends?

3. “These brows are killing me.”

4. “What my sister asked for and what my sister got”

5. How do you like this approach to men’s haircuts?

6. “My hairdresser ’had no idea’ how this happened.”

7. “I joined the club of people who get their hair cut at home.”

8. “My brother decided to shave his head himself (on the left), and my mom tried to fix it (on the right).”

9. Haircuts with froggy chairs shouldn’t exist.

10. “Man, I just love landing strips.”

11. “My boyfriend decided to get a $5 haircut and it shows.”

12. “What I look like after trying to cut my hair myself in the garage with the lights off”

13. Something is obviously wrong with these bangs...

14. “We cut our son’s hair yesterday but wanted to have some fun first.”

15. “My boyfriend allows me to do his hair every day. Today we went for the ’90s and the ’00s styles.”

16. When you want to make your mustache truly unique:

17. “My friend was begging me to cut her hair for a whole week. For some reason, she was sure that I wouldn’t disappoint her. I agreed and you can see the result. I tried to do my best!”

18. “My nephew said that he didn’t want to go to the hairdresser, so he cut his hair himself while his parents were at work.”

19. “I paid $300 to get my curly hair managed.”

20. When you wanted to be a cool guy but turned into a medieval pastor:

21. When you’re making the right moves and want everyone to know:

22. “After 3.5 years of fathering, I’m still not good at this. I don’t have time to fix it, so we’re going out looking like this.”

23. “They told me I could be anything, so I became a strawberry.”

Bonus: Animals also have to deal with bad groomers sometimes.

Have you ever had unsuccessful experiments with your appearance? Do you still regret any of your transformations?

Preview photo credit k90de / reddit
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