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20 Times People Snapped Something Rare and Rushed to Show Us the Pics

It’s happened to many of us: you don’t expect anything special to happen when suddenly you see something so out of the ordinary, it makes you gasp and want to take a picture immediately! A tiny crab hidden inside a mussel, a plant 4 stories tall, or a 3D-printed version of a person’s brain — some of us are lucky enough to capture one-of-a-kind things like these and more!

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 20 pictures people have recently shared on Reddit, and there’s something that stands out in every single shot.

1. “The flash from my phone made it look like my fiancé’s legs were animated or Photoshopped.”

2. This pelican tried to eat the person’s phone.

3. “I extracted both my husband’s and my brain scan from MRI images and he 3D-printed them.”

4. “You can see where my nails stopped and started growing again between chemo cycles.”

5. The entire head of this garlic is in one clove.

6. “My grandma’s carpet after moving her bed for the first time in 60 years”

7. “My Uber driver’s gear shift stick was a samurai sword.”

8. “This carrot has 1 top and 1 tail but 2 middles.”

9. “The reflection from my TV looks like the moon is hovering over my swimming pool.”

10. “I put cream in the mug first and my coffee maker created this visible color gradient.”

11. This door is curved to fit the curved wall.

12. “My great grandfather’s binoculars look like WALL-E.”

13. “Squirrels fill the woodpecker holes in this tree with acorns.”

14. “I dropped my watch and the numbers fell off.”

15. This Japanese vocabulary book comes with a red filter to hide the answers.

16. “The reflection of the pool table at this bar matched perfectly with the interior of the car sitting outside.”

17. This plant is 4 stories tall.

18. “I’ve been told my peace sign is unusually wide.”

19. “The pot is 450ºF (230ºC) and the lid is room temperature. They were both the same color at room temperature.”

20. “My brother found a tiny crab in this mussel he was about to eat.”

Which of the pics from our list made you think, “Wow!” Have you ever snapped anything truly extraordinary lately? Share your pics in the comments and surprise us with your shots!

Preview photo credit kingpharmacy / Reddit
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