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20 Times People Took Protest Signs to a Whole New Level

Although protests are often associated with serious social and political issues, some people out there still managed to bring a bit of laughter to the situation by carrying funny and creative signs. Once again, they proved that humor is one of the most powerful tools to raise your voice against injustice.

Bright Side has compiled a list of 20 pictures of hilarious protest signs taken at various demonstrations from all around the world over the past few years.

20. Smart enough to hide his face.

19. Even the dark side seems bright.

18. After all this time...

17. And it's not a joke.

16. Feeling disappointed.

15. Is he?!

14. His face expression says it all.

13. So true!

12. Jesus loves you!

11. The subtle wit of British humor.

10. Even Middle Earth is disturbed by this.

9. Don't mess with this grandma!

8. Ian McKellen's sign at the Women's March sums it up.

7. This is something we can all relate to.

6. Good point.

5. It's time to cook, teachers!

4. Just trying to change the world.

3. This Rick and Morty sign.

2. Very well said. We totally agree with you!

1. These ladies' self-irony worked perfectly.

Have you ever captured a funny protest sign yourself? Feel free to share it with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit primaV/reddit, JipsyYT/reddit
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