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20+ Times People Truly Cared About Our Planet, and We Can Start Doing the Same

Perhaps you’ve thought at least once of how much plastic we use every day. It’s everywhere — not only on the streets but in our homes as well. Plastic bags, to-go coffee cups, packages for food delivery and even everyday drinking straws are all only a small portion of all the things we use for our comfort. The sad news is that they’re all destroying our planet. But the good news is that we can correct our lives a bit and make this world a bit cleaner.

Bright Side invites you to follow the example of people who have already changed their own habits for the sake of the clean future of our common home: the planet Earth.

“I ordered food today and it came in this piece of bamboo instead of a plastic container.”

The golf balls at the mini-golf course on this pier are biodegradable and fall into the sea at the 18th hole. They’re also food for fish.

This fence made from random doors

A reusable zip-tie

This trash bin has a bottle holder so that homeless people can take them to recycling centers.

The laser engraving on this avocado reduces plastic packaging.

Wooden Lego constructor

A pencil that’s made of recycled newspapers and magazines

Sweet straws for kids that replace plastic ones

“My new dentist has their forms laminated to reduce paper waste by simply writing in and wiping off.”

“I use my old music sheets as wrapping paper.”

A school has installed a water fountain with pure water that shows how many plastic bottles it has eliminated.

Instead of buying another plastic bottle with water, you can use a reusable bottle and get pure water from the fountain. That’s what the students at this school have done 240,000 times.

Recycled cardboard used as an alternative to bubble wrap

“The beach I’m at has a list of commonly found garbage and says how long it takes for it to decompose.”

A recycling bin dedicated for used chopsticks

“My dorm had separate bins to recycle pizza boxes and it was often more full than the blue recycling bins.”

Pavement in Sochi that was made from recycled plastic

A container for recycling bubble gum

It takes 30 years for a bubble gum to decompose in a hot climate and about 100 years in a cold climate.

The National Geographic on plastic pollution is wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

A prepaid recycling pouch for mailing in cigarette butts

My local coffee shop gives free compost made from their used coffee grounds.

Recycled composite sleepers have been used during the repair of tramways in Moscow.

One sleeper has 165 lb of plastic which equates to 1,200 plastic bottles. In total, they have laid 15,600 sleepers. It seems this world has never felt so free from bottles.

This coffee shop uses dry fettuccine noodles for stir sticks.

In an attempt to reduce waste, this hotel soap has no middle.

In what ways do you take care of this planet? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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