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20 Times Something Went Hilariously Wrong With Life

If the simulation hypothesis is correct and our reality is a product of a computer program, then the most wide-spread bug in it will likely have the name, “something went wrong”. And it’s quite difficult to correct it because it is present in almost all spheres of life — from flat repairs to deciding to get a pet dog.

Bright Side made a list of situations where everything can become a mess.

Bats are not allowed to cross the street.

“Our best wedding photo”

Actually, candles work differently.

When you mistakenly displayed your desktop’s main screen on the billboard and forgot about it:

A puddle turned an underground parking lot into a swimming pool.

“I think I’m sitting next to a weirdo.”

When you decide to make a repair yourself:

It seems the word “Sacramento” should be written a little differently.

When you’re an insurgent inside:

No swimming or no smoking?

Installation of an air conditioner, attempt #1

Installation of an air conditioner, attempt #2

It seems that robots still need more time to be able to work for us.

When all evil has been defeated but you still need to earn a living:

The ceiling fan melted from the heat.

“The pizzeria accidentally left the tray under my pizza.”

“Then why’d you give me this case?!”

“I wanted a dog and my girlfriend wanted a dog, but clearly something went wrong...”

Do you also see a tortoise?

He laughs best but who laughs last?

Have you ever had a “something went wrong” situation? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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