20+ Times Super-Lazy People Came Up With Brilliant Ideas This Christmas

Christmas is a magical holiday, and everyone wants to have some of that magic around them. But not everyone wants to do something to achieve that. However, laziness can make us quite productive because we can get something done quickly without spending much time on it.

We at Bright Side found brilliant ideas for decorating your house in a stylish, cozy, and quick way!

1. Emergency tree

2. Hung up my lights early! Time for a beer!

3. We're at one with our neighbors.

4. It's colorful and bright. Any more questions?

5. Let's be honest with each other.

6. At least somebody congratulated him personally.

7. This wreath is perfect because it's evergreen and waterproof.

8. When your gingerbread house fails...add a dinosaur!

9. Laundry problem solved!

10. Christmas on a budget

11. A friend of mine is a teacher and decided to get into the Christmas spirit early.

12. Don't want to decorate your house? The Grinch will help you!

13. Tree's done.

14. Alcoho-ho-ho-hol deers!

15. This guy has an entire holiday's worth of Christmas decorations on his car.

16. Don't wait for Christmas. Be it!

17. When you want Christmas decorations but are too lazy to redecorate after Halloween:

18. "He stole my decorations."

19. The neighbors’ outdoor Christmas decorations...before the cops made them take it down.

20. When you're over all these Christmas decorations:

21. Loading...counting the minutes to Christmas!

Tell us how you prepare for Christmas and decorate your home in the comments. If you have more genius ways to get ready for Christmas, don't be too lazy to share them with us!

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