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20+ Times When Customers Were Treated As If They Were Family

Trying to increase their income, marketers keep coming up with more and more new tricks to lure us into stores. But, fortunately, there are still people that know that the best kind of advertisement is genuine care for your clients and customers. A set of different pillows in a hotel room so you can choose the right level of softness, a special dog menu at a restaurant, a thermos that shows the temperature of the drink inside — all this is a sign of respect for their customers.

Bright Side was pleasantly surprised by this meticulous approach to service and wants to share some of these examples of impeccable service with you.

This sporting goods store has a mini-obstacle course so you can test your hiking shoes.

In this restaurant, they bring a small chair for you to place your bag on.

In Finland, there are buttons you can use to thank the bus driver.

“This all-in-one plastic utensil I found at work today”

These mini-display tents in this sporting goods store

This projector that lowers down from a ceiling tile

Bench with solar panel and 2 USB-ports

This shower, toilet, sink, and bathroom unit is one single stack divided into sections.

This water bottle has a little screen telling you how hot the beverage is inside.

“This bread making machine was put into my local supermarket. It even tells you when every loaf was made.”

“This restaurant that I’m at has a dog menu.”

This store has a dog parking spot.

“These pillows marked soft and firm in my hotel room”

This hand dryer in the bathroom can also dry your face.

USB ports on our new bus to charge your phone

“My hotel room came with a ducky for the bath.”

These winter boots have a flip-down ice cleat in the heel to help with walking on icy surfaces.

This dressing room had a charging station.

These youth snow pants were hemmed in a special way, to allow for a growth spurt.

“These glow in the dark stair stickers at my work”

“My computer science university has vending machines for spare parts.”

“So much could’ve been prevented with this.”

“My school has a set of tools and a pump to let you repair/maintain your bike in front of the entrance.”

In Canada, the transit apologizes for being full.

Have you ever seen such attentive service? If yes, which features of really excellent service would you like to see implemented everywhere?

Preview photo credit bogzaelektrotehniku / reddit