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20 Touching Photos Capable of Melting the Most Insensitive of Hearts

The ability to feel empathy is something that unfortunately not all people have. Some people are so cold-hearted that not even the most heartbreaking image could make their eyes water or warm their hearts. This is sad to think about, but not surprising in the society we live in nowadays.

That’s why Bright Side has put forth some effort to try and warm even the coldest of hearts through these 20 heartbreaking and touching images.

1. There’s nothing better than a warm, motherly hug.

2. 6 generations of women in one picture

3. His first doctor’s examination

4. Everyone wants a sleeping buddy.

5. Moms of every kingdom are the same.

6. Enjoying the ice

7. If your mind remains powerful, your body will follow.

8. It just wants to be near their friend.

9. The sweetest kiss

10. Returning from the battlefield

11. Helping his disabled brother finish the race

12. Spending whatever time is left together

13. Animals have feelings too.

14. Surpassing their differences and meeting somewhere in the middle

15. For some people, shoes are a luxury.

16. True love never fades.

17. Chicks first!

18. Saving those who can’t do it themselves

19. After a fire, animals are the biggest victims.

20. Age is just a number.

Did you find these images heartwarming or touching? Please share your thoughts down in the comment section.

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