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20 Toy Abominations That Should Never Have Made It to the Stores

Toys for children are obviously made with good intentions, but sometimes adult creativity goes so far that inventions become real failures.

Bright Side gathered the most doubtful examples of toy design that are so bad you won’t even know whether to laugh or cry when looking at them.

20. These are the best toys for realistic children.

19. This is the weirdest ponytail ever.

18. Such an innocent toy...

17. I guess I’ve seen it in my nightmares...

16. “My friend makes customized teddy bears.”

15. When your child is preparing to be a great dictator:

14. Isn’t she a bit young to have a baby?

13. Something is definitely wrong with this tail...

12. Too realistic, I think...

11. Where’s the rest of its body?

10. When you have been eating too much honey and now you have to use dentures:

9. I bet this Wonder Woman makes wonderful cuts.

8. For the youngest Alien fans:

7. Poop floats. Who doubted it?

6. I think my girl is a bit young for such toys...

5. All my heroes in one backpack!

4. How one simple thing can make a family happy:

3. That’s exactly how my professors looked.

2. 4 fingers (and a thumb) of fun...

1. This baby is definitely ready to have fun.

Bonus: Toytanic

Can you give other examples of hilarious toy fails? Share your ideas in the comments!

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