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20+ Tweets About the Feelings We’ve All Experienced but Couldn’t Find the Words to Describe Them

Life is full of cool events, and sometimes they’re so impressive, the situation causes a storm of emotions. And you can’t express them with just one word. Therefore, you have to describe the whole picture of events or come up with a definition yourself.


Internet users shared picturesque stories about their emotions, and while reading them, we at Bright Side just had to nod in agreement. We’re sure that everyone has experienced these feelings.

  • Do you remember that sound when you wear winter waterproof pants? I can’t even describe what kind of emotion I feel about it. It’s just some sort of viscous feeling, warm and cold, pleasant and sad at the same time. It’s something nostalgic but you don’t want to experience it again, but still, I can’t call it bad. It’s like an atmosphere of melancholy in which I grew up but I wouldn’t want to feel it again. 

    © tempodemarcia / Twitter

  • Sometimes it happens when you’re tired and you put earphones in your ears and just sit like that. Just because you want to sit in silence, and music is not needed.


    © Ri_Ann_D / Twitter

  • That feeling when you’re simply sitting on the couch, and you know that you’re late but you go on sitting. What kind of system malfunction is that? © adri_satan_ / Twitter

  • A person’s aftertaste. I don’t know how else to describe this feeling. © Yakimenkone / Twitter

  • Did it ever happen to you that you wake up in the morning with a feeling that you’re going to eat healthy now? So you eat healthy food for the entire day, and then make yourself a hamburger at 11 p.m.


    © Natasha Chernika / Twitter

  • Do you know that feeling when you really want to sneeze but you can’t because someone distracted you? And then you look at the sun and sneeze. It feels so great.

     © LGBT_KISLOTA / Twitter

  • Do you know how it feels when on a hot day you walk in a store with air conditioning? Or when you jump into cool water? Or when you eat or drink something really cold in hot weather and feel cold inside warmth? It feels so good.


    © aychgiguf / Twitter

  • That feeling when every cell of your body wants to dance but you stand in the crowd. So you just shake your head or tap with your foot while in your head, you see the entire music show with back dancers and partners. © dlltakeudown / Twitter

  • Girls are definitely familiar with that feeling when your hair isn’t clean enough but not yet dirty, and you spend 2 hours thinking about whether you should wash it or not. © boom_ahaha / Twitter

  • You know when you text something into the chat room, and suddenly everyone falls silent... © _strawbe_881 / Twitter

  • That amazing feeling when you’re holding a sleeping baby at 2 months old in a vertical position. So small... © Bounty0803 / Twitter

  • Did it ever happen to you that you started crying quietly because you were overwhelmed with delight, admiration, and awe? I do because it’s so...wonderful. I’m speechless. © kalmariya / Twitter

  • I hate this feeling when you sit and can’t understand whether you’re doing it right or not. And if it’s not, should you give it up? Or can you still fix it... © vodochcraft / Twitter

  • That weird feeling when you were unable to do something before, didn’t train for a long time, and then boom, you did it. © amorf_form / Twitter

  • There is such a thing, I call it “a phantom desire for KFC chicken when you have a fridge full of food.” © kselensabel / Twitter

  • I call it “the syndrome of a pedigree cat and trash bin.” It’s when everything’s fine and you have a lot of good food but you want to eat some junk, just like a pedigree cat that has grown up on superfoods but still gets into the trash bin. © BerkNina / Twitter

  • Do you know that awkward moment when you see a friend in a dream and then you look at them somehow differently? © na_na_nika / Twitter

  • That awkward moment when you’ve bought panties, unpacked them, and then think, “Wow, they’re so huge, I’ve probably got the wrong size.” Then you put them on, and they’re just fine. © zzzayana / Twitter

  • You know what it’s like when you have a snowball fight? When your cheeks are so frozen that it’s painful to smile. When you feel cold along your neck because someone threw snow there. When you feel pleasantly tired. When you finally hit your friend and you’re so happy about it. When you try to run away but you can’t because you’re wearing so many layers of clothing. Your friend gets you, and you fall into the soft, glittering snow together. © aChayUzheOstyll / Twitter

You know that feeling when you read and recognize yourself in every tweet? Have you ever experienced indescribable emotions? Share them in the comments below.