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20+ Typical Situations We’ve All Been In

No matter how different people might be, there are situations we have all faced at least once in our lives. Our reactions might also have been similar.

We at Bright Side chose some life situations for you that unite us and prove that we have something in common. Let’s see the things we’ve all done at some point!

1. Does it seem to be your hand in this photo?

And we all keep on believing in the power of the cross...even when the bite is getting bigger.

2. When the cashier is already serving the next customer and you’re not finished counting your change:

And then people ask me why I’m so nervous.

3. A sign of a good bath

Have you ever imagined you were Spider-Man?

4. How you hold your remote when the batteries get low:

If it doesn’t work, try shaking it.

5. That annoying piece of skin...

This is one of the reasons why you should use your scissors.

6. When you shave for the first time in months:

Hi, baby...

7. I asked for a highlighter...

There are 2 types of girls.

8. Opening your eyes after washing your hair for 2 seconds because a demon could be watching you:

This is the reason for taking a bath very quickly.

9. Every time I fall asleep...

...and realize it was only a dream.

10. It’s not easy being me.

I hope I’m just special.

11. When you’re mad at your babe but still want to hold hands:

True love runs the world.

12. T-shirts I own: 70. T-shirts I wear: 10. T-shirts I’ll throw away: 0.

There’s no explanation. I just need them.

13. When a girl finally decides to tell you what’s wrong:

It’s a trap.

14. When you miss someone’s call and call back in 0.44734563 seconds but they don’t answer:

My parents warned me that life was going to pass quickly, but I didn’t expect it would be that fast!

15. When you wash all the dishes and notice a small detail at the end:

One of the biggest struggles is about to start.

16. I’m a “one trip” person.

When your girlfriend has been asking you to go shopping with her for ages.

17. We all know “the chair.”

He’s been my friend since childhood. We even wear the same clothes!

18. When you’re trying to sneak snacks into the cinema:

I assure you it’s not about food. It’s about style.

19. Adventure time!

It can lead to the secret places where your parents hide your gifts!

20. When you’re out eating and the table behind you is being loud:

The more serious your face, the faster the problem is solved.

21. When you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you still have time to sleep:

And it’s the weekend!

22. Why is it always so hard to separate from the plastic?

Having to cut the package open after that isn’t even satisfying to compensate for frustration.

23. Everytime I open a Swiss roll

Can’t they, like, glue the chocolate to the biscuit?

Do you have more proof of things we have in common? We can’t wait to see them in the comments!

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