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20 Unexpected Events No One Could Possibly Prepare For


Everyone has had moments that either surprised, amused, excited or even frustrated them. And that's exactly what this article is about.

Bright Side has gathered some unusual situations that the people in this article never expected to face.

20. A real Titanic moment

19. Who's actually the one spoiling this picture?

18. Breaking news

17. When something you adore hurts you a lot:

16. There's always a person that makes an event really unforgettable.

15. When a manufacturer doesn't like dogs:

14. "My girlfriend took this picture - it’s the current state of things in Edmonton, Canada."

13. When you find chocolate paste instead of beans in tomato sauce and understand that the universe is against your diet:

12. It was worth its price.

11. "My Reese's Peanut Butter Cup had no peanut butter."

10. "Reese's replied to my peanut butter-less cup."

9. Are they still married?

8. Hopelessness looks like this:

7. "I was walking on the seashore when I found this amber beneath my feet."

6. "Ordered a birthday cake from a catalog. Well, it was a surprise."

5. Students were obliged to have transparent backpacks and this is what they did:

4. Just a fresh approach

3. "Am I the only one who sees the problem?"

2. The most friendly district in the world

1. We wish we knew the whole story.

What surprising situations have you faced? Tell us about them!

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