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20+ Unexpected Photos That Look Like Hot Sensations

Sometimes we think that we know this world inside and out and that nothing can really surprise us anymore. However, life isn’t so simple — it’s full of discoveries that we make everywhere we go. These can be found in a habitual item of clothing, a familiar kitchen device or a vegetable we all know. No matter how mundane the item, you never know what kinds of surprises they may hold.

Social network users have shared their recent discoveries and revelations online showing how many unknown things and facts we still don’t know everything about. At Bright Side, we were so inspired by them that we decided to put together an article to share them with you.

1. “It’s taken me 18 years to find out that the weird shoulder buttons on jackets are to hold your bag in place so it doesn’t fall off. Who knew?!”

2. It turns out that penguins have knees and their necks are long.

3. Did you know that this holder on the lid is actually for a gas cap?

4. “I bet you didn’t know that oil platforms could move.”

5. This is what the inside of a locust’s wings looks like.

6. “Wow, I didn’t know cows could move like this!”

7. It turns out that tobacco flowers are actually kinda pretty.

8. Dragons are real and they come from South Africa (their Latin name is “Smaug gigantaeus”).

9. It isn’t about how amazing the dry ice and bubble trick is, it’s about how amazing the person who was first to guess to combine them is.

10. This little chameleon hasn’t realized it’s hatched yet.

11. “Did you know that a toaster has pull-out drawers so you can empty the crumbs from toasting food. I’ve been on this planet 26 years and only just discovered this.”

12. It turns out that some animals can be half-albino, like this peacock.

13. “I’ve just learned that the hole in the Chick-fil-A box is for your straw so your cup can become a table.”

14. “Did you know that the broccoli we eat are really flower buds? I discovered this after growing some broccoli in my garden.”

15. “Today I learned whales can sneeze and was a good day.”

16. Did you know that the little indent on the top of the egg carton is for storage of the last egg from the old carton?

17. Believe it or not, the American bald eagle can swim.

18. A baby platypus is called a puggle. How many more people knew about this?

19. “The manual release on my trunk latch depicts a person presumably trapped, escaping, and sprinting away to freedom. It also glows in the dark so folks trapped in the trunk can see it.”

20. “I wanted to see how much 39 g of sugar actually was (the dosage in my almost-daily Red Bull). Think it’s time to give them up.”

21. “I never knew Brussels sprouts were so horrifying until I saw them on the stem.”

22. Tortoises can have twins.

23. We want to take a look at the person who decided to crossbreed these 2 things.

24. This is how olives are harvested, in case you didn’t know.

Which of these facts has become a total revelation to you? Or maybe you’ve recently made a discovery yourself? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Francheskahor6 / Twitter