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20+ Unexpected Things the World Has Prepared to Surprise Us

When we discover something extraordinary, our first impulse is to take a picture of it and share it with the whole world. And not everyone has been lucky enough to see a blue-eyed horse, a vintage fire extinguisher made of glass, or the Northern Lights from the International Space Station.

We at Bright Side always seize any opportunity to learn something new and here are 23 pictures that have significantly expanded our knowledge.

The hand of a koala

The highest resolution image of the Sun’s surface taken by The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope

The image shows a pattern of “boiling” gas in cell-like structures — each about the size of a large European country. This image covers an area of 22,600 × 22,600 miles.

Have you ever seen a blue-eyed horse?

This is the Andean mountain cat that is one of the least-known species in the world. These animals live in the high Andes at a height of 4,800-9,600 miles.

In January of 2020, the streets of the Spanish Costa Brava Resort in Tossa de Mar were flooded with seafoam because of hurricane Gloria.

A vintage fire extinguisher

A motorcycle for people in a wheelchair

This is how you can grow a square apple:

A huge chunk of petrified wood

A clay model of a future car, scale 1:1

This is the final result:

This street is so narrow that a single line is enough for a crosswalk.

This happens with cotton candy as soon as it touches water:

This is a wheelchair that can be used on the beach:

2 sides of the same eucalyptus tree at a golf course in California.

This clock tells you what day it is.

This is how the Northern Lights look like from the International Space Station:

Saudi Arabia at night from the International Space Station

Chocolate sauce melting inside of an ice cube

The ski slope in summer and winter

A tree’s shadow during an eclipse

How has the world surprised you? Share your pics in the comments!

Preview photo credit ifyouhigh / instagram
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