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20+ Unique Vending Machines We Want to Test Right Away

Vending machines might have gotten their start in ancient Egypt, with devices that dispensed holy water. Since then, however, these devices have undergone one makeover after another, with machines now selling all kinds of things... the only thing that hasn’t changed is how convenient and fun they are to use.

We at Bright Side love looking at the history of our favorite machines and we’re sharing a list of some of the most unique ones that you have to see (and hopefully use one day)!

1. Why buy food when you could have a new best friend?

2. In Singapore, you can have a nice crab dinner just like that.

3. Welcome to college... come for the education, but stay for the pizza.

4. Or you could just go to Croatia for a freshly baked slice...

5. They found a way to make convenience stores more convenient...

6. This special soda machine lets you pay with hugs.

7. Here’s some hot ramen vending machines at the Netflix HQ.

8. Local farmers decided to make a twist on the typical farmer’s market.

9. For $2, this vending machine gives you a book!

10. So, that’s where baguettes come from!

11. Germans really know the importance of beverage options.

12. Who needs food when you can have Legos?

13. When it comes to drinks, it doesn’t get fresher than this.

14. Coconuts are food and a drink in one and now you can get them right on the corner.

15. Floppy disks are trying out a new marketing strategy.

16. It’s like an ice cream truck you don’t have to chase...

17. This one is for all you engineers out there... for all your fuse needs.

18. Get all your school supplies, all at once.

19. “This vending machine outside a guitar store sells strings and picks.”

20. In the Netherlands, you can get produce AND eggs all at once!

21. Just in time for Oktoberfest...

22. “This vending machine in Italy (Udine) has milk bottles and parmesan cheese.”

What are some of the coolest vending machines you’ve encountered? Please share with us in the comments!

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