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20 Uplifting Photos That Show Us Life Is So Precious

Sometimes we feel a bit down, it’s very easy to slip into a grumpy mode and see the glass half-empty. But the reality is that the glass is actually full and even overflowing, some of the content might be air, but it’s still full. So let’s remember to be grateful for what we have and appreciate every moment. Life is a gift and every day is a miracle.

We at Bright Side prepared this photo selection for our readers and even if one of them makes you feel good, we did our job right.

1. Some people get butterflies in their stomach, I have one on my nose.

2. Hold on little guy, I will help you.

3. This beautiful butterfly has a sweet tooth.

4. You are very welcome in this world.

5. It’s been 4 years since I stood up for the first time after my double lung transplant and I’m still standing. How inspiring is that!

6. Survival skills level: Expert. Never give up.

7. Can you train dogs to do the heart-shape or do they just do it naturally?

8. A man saved a little kitten during a flood. Every life counts!

9. Just a little puppy kiss

10. That’s going to be a massive fish n’ chips later.

11. I dream the dream.

12. This guy is spreading an awesome message on the side of the road.

13. Oh man, it feels so good.

14. “I just bought a desk stand for my mic and I got a little surprise when I opened up my package :)”

15. “I picked up recyclables on my 1/4 mile walk today.” Little actions like this are very valuable.

16. It seems that these guys are having a ball.

17. Teddy bears are well-known wildlife rehab tools.

18. is retriever therapy.

19. Check out these garbagemen taking a break. Good for you guys!

20. When you are happy, the sky is the limit.

Did you like our selections? We are sure that you have pictures that would fit perfectly into our list. Show them to us in the comments below and share this article with your friends and family.

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