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20 Uproarious Pics That Reveal All the Secrets Behind the Fancy Social Media Photos

Sometimes when we open Instagram, we get the feeling that we’re being transferred to a magical world where people have a perfect appearance, travel every day, eat only healthy food, and buy expensive clothes every week. But reality is nothing like this and there’s no such thing as a perfect world and some people show this boldly.

At Bright Side, we appreciate self-irony and would like to share photos of people who aren’t afraid to share the hidden part of Instagram life.

1. No, this is not a teleport! This is Photoshop!

2. When he’s not watching vs when he’s watching:

3. This brilliant moment when you can’t control nature

4. Yes, we love our pets and they love to spoil our pics!

5. We have a different diet for followers and for reality.

6. No ride today — the old Porshe can just look fancy.

7. Looking hot is all about the right angles.

8. Insta rules: first, pose; then you can eat.

9. Reality can be uncomfortable and hairs, annoying.

10. “Filters! Oh, yes!”

11. “A good example of why framing matters”

12. Insta couples can still quarrel!

13. “Sorry to disappoint you but in reality, winter in Switzerland looks way more like the picture on the right.”

14. When reality doesn’t match the possibilities:

15. Fresh and lovely for Instagram training

16. Hold in your stomach and sit up straight. Now, breathe.

17. Being “curvy” for Instagram but only in the right places

18. “I can’t even count how many pictures there are of influencers eating their pizza so casually on the couch.”

19. Harder, better, faster, stronger. Well, only in one shot.

20. Time never can be wasted for a perfect Instagram photo!

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Preview photo credit lelepons / instagram