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20 Weird Fashion Ideas That Give Logic a Total Knockout

Unexpected and surprising creations are not new in the world of fashion and beauty. Practical or not, these ideas can easily start a trend on the internet. We may not understand some of them, but they are definitely innovative and make us want to tell our friends all about them.

Bright Side found these creative ideas interesting enough to share with you — and you may find them quite amusing.

1. Her love for Oreos is literally written on her forehead.

2. The perfect marriage of math and art

3. Rapunzel isn’t the only one with glowing hair.

4. “Cry me some glitter.”

5. So that you don’t miss your cat so much...

6. Eyebrows that give Star Trek characters a run for their money

7. Another way to grow a garden

8. Mini-aquariums on your nails? Absolutely possible.

9. A literal definition of “green fingers”

10. So that you can comb your hair without a hairbrush...

11. For the blushing girls in love

12. Why put a snow globe on a table when you can put one on your eyelids?

13. Bored of white or yellow teeth? Go for glitter instead!

14. No need to spend a ton of money on a nose job, just DIY.

15. Stand taller with a flower vase in your hair.

16. A different take on longer lashes

17. Flip for a rainbow surprise!

18. A twist on “fighting tooth and nail”

19. Making a wave

20. Forget trimming, extend your nose hair instead!

Which of these ideas seemed craziest to you? Would you try any of them yourself?

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