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20 Weird Life Hacks That Surprisingly Work

The modern world loves life hacks. As we know, supply creates its own demand. Ordinary people turn their imaginations on and create really useful inventions. There are useful tips for everyone: men and women, those who repair their homes, game players, and many others. Check these inventions out!

Bright Side has collected 20 useful life hacks from incredibly creative and crazy people.

20. For those who want to protect nature from nature: Your cat won’t attack your flowers anymore.

19. For game players: Use a fork or 2 as a laptop cooling pad.

18. When the sink is too small, use a scoop.

17. Use a binder clip to use as much toothpaste as possible.

16. For girls: Use a magnetic strip in a drawer to not lose your bobby pins.

15. Restore your floor with the help of nail polish. Choose a color, apply the base, and dry the floor.

14. For chefs: Defrost frozen items in a microwave and finish in a toaster for a quick, crunchy oven taste. It works great on nuggets and breaded items.

13. It’s not a regular thread, it’s an ornamental flowerpot!

12. Don’t have any coins for your cart? Use your house key instead.

11. A pan with hot water will replace an iron.

10. For drivers: To carry your soup from one place to another, use rubber bands.

9. For music lovers: To not confuse left and right earphones, paint them in different colors.

8. Use binder clips to keep your cables on your desk neatly.

7. A phone holder made from a hair tie

6. So that your hands are free

5. Now you may go on vacation and worry about nothing!

4. Don’t throw chopsticks away.

3. Each cob should come with these skewers.

2. For jealous couples: Put your phone inside an empty cake box. If your beloved wants to grab it, they won’t go unnoticed.

1. For lazybones: A Christmas tree hanging on a wall that won’t take much time or effort

Do you have any cool life hacks to share with us? Tell us about them!

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