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20 Weird Photos That Make You Wonder, “What Have Just I Seen?”

What could make a person park an exercise bike, put a lock on a donut, or stab someone’s windshield with a sword? There are a lot of funny things happening in the world and some of them are so crazy that you’ll want to look at them twice.

Bright Side is offering you the chance to take a moment and dive into the world of absurd decisions and really strange situations.

Do you see it too?

When you have an important job interview and you can’t take your food with you:

When you want to play a game while cuddling:

This could be an attempt to quit smoking or reduce anxiety.

When the security people take everything literally:

When the wallpaper on your phone is just not enough:

Someone has a problem with safety rules.

We don’t see a problem here, it’s a parking lot for bikes.

When your dog decides to steal all the attention:

You could create a detective story based on this photo.

If you don’t have a microphone, just use a baby monitor.

When someone took your parking spot again:

He’s probably waiting for Mary Jane.

“My car got bumped and it looks like 2 people kissing.”

This cat took the essentials and just left town.

This shouldn’t be here, should it?

It is impressive, but why so many?

If you don’t want to spend money on a present for your colleague, just wrap a stapler in a cool way!

This is a case of someone trying to leave the past behind.

This is how they fight weeds in Belgium:

Bonus: A laptop you can’t close anymore

Which of these photos confused you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit VictoriaAverett / imgur, tumblr
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